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EPC is using Flickr Groups to provide an additional venue to showcase our member's photography and allow members to see other members' images with EXIF, comment, fav and discuss. This capability is not currently present with the website galleries. The website galleries remain the primary place for the Club's outings, Members' galleries etc.

Flickr is a photography-oriented social media sharing site from Yahoo. It provides a full range of privacy and copyright settings, including right-click download blocking. The Free account will likely meet most member's needs, however there is a Pro option – the choice is yours. The Flickr Help pages are extensive and easy to read and understand, and you can always ask another member.

  1. Join Flickr

    EPC Members must be invited to join the EPC Flickr group(s). In order to join a group you must have a Flickr account. EPC does not require members to have a Flickr account, participation is voluntary. See the Flickr website ( to set one up.
  2. Email Flickr Group admin

    Once you have a Flickr account, email the EPC Group Administrator (see the table below) and identify yourself (real name) as a EPC member and give them your Flickr account name (NOT password). They will invite you in. You can also search for "EPC" under groups (you will recognize our logo) and send a message through Flickr. If your Flickr account name does not clearly identify you send a separate email to the EPC Flickr Group Administrator in order that your EPC membership can be confirmed.

  3. EPC members only

    You can leave the group at any time. Please remember to do that should you leave the club. The group will be reviewed occasionally and those persons no longer members of EPC will be removed.

  4. Flickr Settings

     Have a close look at your Flickr account settings to ensure you have set the privacy and copyright options to your liking. Be aware that if you put a private image in a public group all members of that group can see it and comment on it, but it will not be seen by the Public.


  • 1 TB of photo and video storage
  • Upload photos of up to 200 MB each
  • Upload videos of up to 1GB each
  • Video playback of up to 3 minutes each
  • Limitlessly download your original photos


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